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Manufacturing Process for Lac Handicrafts and Jewellery

Stages of Making Lac Jewellery

This type of jewellery is normally referred to as ‘ Lac Jewellery’ but in fact it is really ‘Lac Filled Jewellery’, as lac or wax is filled in the hollow silver foil piece to give it strength.

The stages of making of this type of jewellery are explained below.

The design of the jewellery is first drawn and given to the die maker. A solid brass metal die is made by etching out the design on top of the die. A separate die is made for the front and one for the reverse of the jewellery piece.

Imprinting/Stamping- Lac Jewellery
A thin piece of silver foil is placed over the metal die.

The metal die with the design on it and a silver foil on which this design is to be transferred. The silver foil is gently hammered over the die using a rubber headed mallet to transfer the design of the die to the silver foil and is called imprinting. The same is done with the reverse side die. Then two pieces of imprinted silver foil are fitted together to form a delicate hollow silver shell.

Enamelling - Lac Jewellery

The basic enamel colour is painted on the whole shell. It is then fired in a tiny cylindered kiln for the enamel to set permanently. There are mainly 9 colours of enamel used. These are white, golden, pink, blue parrot green, red, bottle green, turquoise, orange and black. Shades of these colours are also made. The shell is delicate at this stage.

Lac (Wax) Filling
To protect and help in filling the silver shell with lac it is covered with clay mud. When the clay mud dries it is placed over a hot plate/sand. The clay gets heated and then lac (wax) in the form of needle straws are slowly inserted into the hollow silver shell which is protected by the clay mud. Once filled the silver shell gets strength. Though it looks delicate it is strong enough to be used as jewellery.

Cleaning - Lac Jewellery

The protective clay mud is removed and the whole piece is washed and cleaned using soap with a brush until the pieces gives a lustrous shine.

Gold Polishing - Lac Jewellery

Each cleaned/shining piece is then gold polished at places where the base enamel is not there. These are usually the design outlines/borders.

Finishing - Lac Jewellery
The final finishing is done by touching up where the gold polish/enamel is distorted.

Rhinestones and Bead Application - Lac Jewellery
Rhinestones are pressed into the silver foil and set in the wax at the required places as per the designs. The final work involves attaching beads and findings to complete the jewellery.

It takes 9 different craftsmen to produce each piece of jewellery. Many small pieces are joined together to get one complete earring/necklace/pendent. From start to finish it takes up to 15 man hours to complete one piece of medium size earrings, pendant or necklace. The final piece is absolutely ‘Unique Fashion Jewellery’.


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